Board Of Directors


Simin Omar-President

Sada-E-Haq (Voice of the Truth) program (formerly known as Nawaye Mosafer (Voice of a Traveler) has been serving the Afghan community & Persian speakers since 2004. This program first launched through the Omid-I-Iran Television network and then switched to the Ariana Afghanistan Television network in 2006. Sr. Simin Omar, who has been the host & founder of this popular program, has volunteered countless hours and through her dedication and commitment, this program has become a focal point of open discussion and understanding of contemporary Islamic issues with the help of well-known and highly respected scholars. To better reflect the mission of this program and response to the request of many viewers, its name was changed from Nawaye Mosafer to Sadaye Haq  in January of 2007. This show is designed to launch a deeper understanding of Islam and to differentiate between Islamic traditions, cultural issues, and hear-says.

On February 2018, Sada-E-Haq launched its Television network to go independently 24/7 worldwide. Sade-E-Haq has established it self as a strong and independent Television Station who’s purpose is to create harmony, peace and understanding between the people of Afghanistan, and members of the Afghan diaspora and the general communities throughout the world; to build cultural and religious awareness of the Afghan people and to dispel myths, stereotypes and negative misconceptions about the Afghan people and Afghanistan; charitable and educational activities and to carry on other charitable and educational activities associated with this goal as allowed by law.

Alhamdulillah with your moral and financial support, this show has become a forum, where the viewers and scholars are able to interact live with others and answer to many questions in an unprecedented way. Due to coverage of various and important topics (Aqeeda, Ibaadaat, social, economical and family issues) & guest speakers with highly educational background in different Islamic subjects, this show has become one of the most watched shows around the world by millions of people from the U.S. to Canada, Europe, Middle East, Iran, and Afghanistan. 

Unfortunately in spite of our birth and growing up in an Islamic county, majority of us are lacking deep understanding of Islam, because there was no forum or an environment that we could learn Islam in such that we implementation were daily life and make its ruling the way of lives. Only few subjects with less emphasis on practice or implementation were taught in the elementary and high schools. The society at large was looking down to Islamic education and scholars of Islam. The schools were either confined in a small Masjid or teaching at a classroom at the university that only few individual could benefit from it. TV & Radio and mass media had little interest to take advantage of our scholars and Ulamah to disseminate the knowledge of Islam to ordinary people. 

In order to enhance the program further, we envision of inviting more guest speaker(s) from around the globe with various background and talent to share their knowledge, experience to empower our community with full understanding of our Deen. This dream can only be achieved by proper funding and certain budget to pay for the travel, lodging and other miscellaneous expenses of our out of the town guest speakers. Sadaye Haq (Voice of the Truth) also like other TV shows is obligated to pay hourly rate to Ariana Afghanistan Television. The current host and people who help to produce the show are all volunteers and work countless hours to meet the high expectation of the viewer. You can also become our patron by helping the show either financially, morally or even with your Duaa’s. You can contact Sr. Simin Omar at for any suggestion or question you may have. 


Ustad Fazl Ghani Mogaddedi-Vice President استاد فضل غنی مجددی

استاد فضل غنی مجددی در سال ١٩٥٢ در شور بازار کابل تولدگردیده و در سال ١٩٧٠ از لیسه عالی غازی فارغ التحصیل شده و از ١٩٧٠ تا ١٩٧٢ محصل پوهنحًی حقوق پوهنتون کابل بوده اند.  

استاد  در سال ١٩٧٨ لیسانس تاریخ را از پوهنحُی ادبیات پوهنتون قاهره حاصل نموده و در سال ١٩٧٩دیپلوم فوق لیسانس را در رشته تحقیقات علمی و نوشتن تاریخ و علم وثائق تاریخی و ماستری خودرا در سال ١٩٨٣ در رشته تاریخ معاصر از پوهنتون قاهره مصر حاصل نمودند. 

استاد مجددی موُلف بیشتر از هفتاد و پنج بحث علمی که در مجلات و جراید افغانی و مجلهً تاریخ پوهنحًی ادبیات پوهنتون قاهره به چاپ رسیده میباشد. از جمله مهمترین کتابهاي شان میتوان از افغانستان فی عهد الملک امان الله خان در زبان عربی و دری، تاریخ فلسفه و انتقال مدنیت اسلام به اروپا در زبان عربی ، نظام دولت اسلامی به زبان دری، و کتاب اخیر شان امام جعفر و امام ابو حنیفه را نام برد. مجددی صاحب اکنون مصروف تحقیقات و نوشتن کتب و رسالات مهم در موضوعات مختلف اسلامی بوده وناشر  ماهنامه فقه اسلامی در کلیفورنیا میباشند.

Ustad Fazl Ghani Mogaddedi was born in 1952 in Kabul. He attended the Law School of Kabul University in 1970 and received his bachelor degree in History from Cairo University in 1978. In 1979, he finished his master degree from the same university in 1983. 

During many years of his selfless efforts, he has written more than 75 articles; books and his articles published in many major magazines and newspapers. One of his well know book is “Afghanistan during the kingdom of Amanullah Khan” that was published in both Dari and Arabic, “History and philosophy of transformation of modern science of Islam to Europe. His latest book is about Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Jahfar Al Sadeq. He is the chief editor of a monthly newsletter called “Fiqh Islami – Islamic Jurisprudence” . Ustad  Mogaddedi has been very active among the Afghan community and has been teaching various Islamic subjects through various shows in Afghan Satellite TV, conferences and lectures.


Wali Abdul Hanifzai – Secretary

Wali Abdul Hanifzai (Born on March 15, 1990 in Afghanistan) migrated to the United States in the year of 2000. Mr. Hanifzai got his Bachelors degree from California State Northridge in Criminology and a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California (USC). Mr. Hanifzai is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Global Leadership and Change program at Pepperdine University. Mr. Hanifzai joined Access California Services in May 2017 as the Director of Mental Health Services and began serving as a Board Member in September 2019. Mr. Hanifzai works as an independent Consultant for different companies. Mr. Hanifzai currently works at the Genesis Medical Center, in the Addiction and Recovery clinic. Mr. Hanifzai aims to educate and innovate new ideas and projects that can benefit corporations and the Muslim community. Mr. Hanifzai has been an upcoming Afghan-American who sets to leave his footprints in the Global world. Mr. Hanifzai served on the Afghan American Cultural Centers (AACC) board in Southern California in 2018-2019.

He is a Pre-Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides individual, couple, family, and group therapy. He is an advocate for domestic violence victims and their families. Mr. Hanifzai provides legal advocacy, psycho-education, interpretation and emotional support/services to underprivileged communities. He is a liaison that connects clients to attorneys, social workers, and other professionals. Aside from English, Mr. Hanifzai provides therapy in Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi. Mr. Hanifzai has become an educator in the Muslim community through reaching out to religious leaders and training them in mental health awareness and services.  


Currently, Mr. Hanifzai co-hosts and airs a show on Sada-E-Haq every Sunday with Mrs. Lamba Aziz-Hanifzai. Mr. and Mrs. Hanifzai educate the community by talking about mental health in the Muslim/Afghan Community. Mr. and Mrs. Hanifzai share their professional experience and discuss the challenges families face in the Muslim/Afghan community, topics pertaining to (Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, marriage, aging, identity, children/young crisis, parenting tips, and etc). 

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